Birgitte Bjerge Poulsen has solved the tasks with great independence. Furthermore, we can add to this, that she has great analytical skills and structures her tasks in such a way that she remains the necessary overview of her deadlines. She has great skills within prioritizing, and rarely gets lost within unnecessary details. Birgitte Bjerge Poulsen is quick at learning and absorbing new knowledge, she is a very sociable and modest person, who downplays her own competences. She has a great capacity to develop networks based on her capability of collaboration, and she has been a very popular employee at the Embassy and among colleagues in the diplomatic scene. In general the tasks have been satisfactorily fulfilled, and the Embassy can warmly recommend Birgitte Bjerge Poulsen.

Royal Danish Embassy, Helsinki

VOFAD is a local NGO working on the prevention and mitigation of HIV/AIDS and addressing the reproductive health problems of the community through awareness creation of most vulnerable population group adolescent and youth commercial sex workers street children. This is to give our testimony to a volunteer who has been making tremendous professional contributions in our endeavors of building the capacity of our organization.

Birgitte played remarkable roles of building the capacity of VOFAD, including upgrading its website and making it user friendly, and training the staff in video, filming, webpage development and management, undertaking quick surveys of the current status of the hiv+ children and families.

VOFAD Ethiopia